Timberland Shutters - Beautiful Poly Shutters With A Wood Stain Finish

Timberland Shutters Fort Lauderdale
Timberland Shutters are an innovative indoor shutter from Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions. Timberland is a poly shutter offering all the benefits of a faux wood product: no possibility of cracking, chips, fading, and more. But unlike poly shutters, Timberland comes in wood stain finishes instead of solid colors, bringing natural beauty into your home. Both styles look amazing and can accentuate a variety of home styles. It’s the best of both worlds: real wood looks with the stability of engineered shutters.
Fort Lauderdale bathroom shutters wood stain

Benefits of Timberland Shutters

If you want the natural look of wood without the potential issues of wood, Timberland Shutters are the right choice for your home. The poly material makes them even more resilient and moisture-proof than wood shutters.

Here are some of the awesome benefits of Sunburst’s Timberland shutters:

  • They’re built with a poly material, so they’re more sturdy and longer lasting than wood.

  • Impervious to cracking, splitting, or peeling.

  • Completely waterproof.

  • Fits any size window.

  • Louvers are built with aluminum cores for added stability

  • Available in 2 stain colors, Chestnut and Dark Walnut.


Timberland Shutter Options

Stain Options

Chestnut shutter stainDark Walnut Stain Shutter

Tilt Rod

Rear Mount


Frame Styles

L Frame

Z Frame

Louver Sizes

4.5” (for a trendy look and low maintenance)

3.5” (traditional plantation size)

Special Shapes


All Timberland plantation shutters are 100% American-built and assembled.

Window Treatments made in the U.S.


Timberland shutters come with a 10-year warranty protecting them against any product defects and a 3-year warranty on the stain color. Our complete warranty is backed by our 40+ years of experience in the window fashion industry.


Precise installation for window treatments is almost as important as the product quality—an incorrectly installed Timberland Shutter can be tough to open and may be damaged easily. Sunburst Shutters Fort Lauderdale has an accomplished installation team that comes to your house and installs your shutters properly, ensuring that each one functions correctly and looks stunning. Our window treatment pros will reach out to you to find an installation day and time that works for your schedule.

To learn more about Timberland Shutters, call our Fort Lauderdale store at 561-440-8535.