Find Custom Window Treatments In Fort Lauderdale Using Sunburst Shutters Fort Lauderdale

If you’re searching for your next window treatments in Fort Lauderdale, you should try to find a window treatment that offers privacy, utility, and durability. That’s why Sunburst Shutters Fort Lauderdale provides the best quality products in the US. On top of that, we accurately measure your windows and custom-make each treatment so they perfectly fit your windows in addition to your décor.
Sunburst Shutters Fort Lauderdale provides the following window treatments in Fort Lauderdale:

Custom-made Plantation Shutters

Polywood plantation ShuttersOvation Wood ShuttersReclaimed Wood ShuttersFort Lauderdale Studio Plantation Shutters

With more than four decades of unmatched quality and customer service, we custom-build first-rate interior shutters you can buy with pride. Plantation shutters are a popular window treatment in Fort Lauderdale, due to being energy efficient, durable, and always in style. The large louvers can be adjusted quickly to allow the exact amount of light you want – and look elegant, in every one of your rooms.

Polywood® plantation shutters are a durable polymer shutter that yields extra control when it comes to yourroom’s temperature, light, and privacy. The shutters provide water and heat protection, durability and energy efficiency. We also have our builder-level Studio® shutters.

Ovation® wood shutters are our plantation shutter line made with teak hardwood. Like our Polywood shutters, Ovation shutters are custom-made to sit flush with your windows -- even unique windows like arches or bay windows. If you want a more eco-friendly look, try our reclaimed wood shutters, built from upcycled wood harvested from barns, buildings, and fences.

Custom-fit Barn Doors

White barn door shutter in streamlined Fort Lauderdale living room 

Bold enough to add a barn door or barn door shutter to your Fort Lauderdale living area? Sunburst Shutters Fort Lauderdale helps you select the right variety of barn door styles, paints, stains, and hardware options for your home. And our professionals will install your barn door for you, replacing your old door or as a window treatment. Learn more about our sliding barn doors and sliding barn door shutters.

Custom-fit Shades

Double cell shades in family room 

If you desire something smaller than a plantation window treatment, take a glance at our custom-made window shades. For a beautiful window treatment, you may admire the singular pleating of a Roman shade. Or maybe you want the slimmer contour of a roller shade, which is a perfect solution for large windows.

Our cellular shade -- also known as a honeycomb shade -- opens and closes like an accordion. This design gives your windows both visual sophistication and energy efficiency. If your home decor requires a window shade option that contains a more natural texture and appearance, then we advise a woven shade. We also have vertical shades and panel tracks, for large picture windows, sliding glass doors, and even room dividers.

All our window shades are made in a wide array of colors, patterns, materials, and textures. Install a sheer fabric to let diffused light filter through, or pick a more sturdy material for a room darkening shade. Motorized and cordless choices are also available, in addition to top-down or bottom-up control systems.

Superior Window Blinds

white blinds in Fort Lauderdale 

You will not see any cut-rate aluminum blinds here -- only high-quality custom-made blinds that are built to last for a long time. The faux wood Polywood blinds are built with the same moisture, fire, and pest resistance of our Polywood plantation shutters. This makes them function well in the kitchen or bathroom. These heavy-duty blinds are available in a variety of shades, from 5 different stains of white to rich walnut and mahogany. If you prefer a more natural wood blind, try our Polywood basswood blinds that come with a UV inhibitor coating.

Like most of our wide-array of window treatments, our custom-made window blinds can be made with a cordless wand tilt or one of our motorized lift systems. Additional options include privacy slats, rounded corners, and various valances and hardware. And since we custom-fit your Polywood blinds, your treatments are less likely to tangle or have gapping.


Every Window Treatments From Sunburst Shutters Fort Lauderdale Are Custom-Built To Your Windows

measuring windows for shutters

We know that all windows are not created equally. That’s why we carefully measure your windows and make sure the window treatments you picked fit the windows in your home. Since we expertly install and hang your window treatments, you will neve worry about any gapping, scraping, or a bad alignment. Many of our window treatments, such as our Polywood plantation shutters, will even fit your unique windows.

Let Sunburst Shutters Fort Lauderdale Help You Find The Perfect Window Treatments In Fort Lauderdale

The first step in locating your ideal window treatments in Fort Lauderdale is to contact the professionals at Sunburst Shutters Fort Lauderdale. Our reps will walk you through your choices at your no-cost in-home or virtual design consultation. Just call 561-440-8535 or fill out the form below to book your appointment today.