The #1 Source for Plantation Shutters in Boynton Beach

When you gaze at some of the most fashionable homes in Boynton Beach, you can’t help but be drawn to their windows. Since 1994, Sunburst Shutters Fort Lauderdale has helped make those homes and their windows look their absolute best by providing the best plantation shutters Boynton Beach has to offer.

From our exceptional craftsmanship and groundbreaking products to top-notch customer care, Sunburst is happy to be Boynton Beach’s best local shutter company, serving hundreds of homes each year.

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Why You Might Consider Interior Shutters In Boynton Beach

When shopping for window treatments, there are several products to go through. So why do homeowners in Boynton Beach go with interior shutters? These are just a few reasons:
  • Looks - Plantation shutters are a classic window covering that match any décor. Their simple lines add interest to your window without distracting from your home’s interior and furnishings. And you’re able to select from many finish and stain options to tack on another touch.

  • Temperature Control and Energy Efficiency - Plantation shutters are as functional as they are beautiful. They help regulate your space’s temperature and can lower your air conditioning bills - no matter the forecast.

  • Strength - The majority of window treatments can’t guarantee that they will last multiple years. Many might not even survive a few years. But Sunburst shutters are built to survive. They’re made from solid materials and the highest degree of workmanship, which lets them weather sun energy without warping or cracking.

Polywood - The Boynton Beach Faux Wood Shutter of Choice

If you’re searching for a great faux wood shutter in Boynton Beach, you’re in the right place with Polywood® plantation shutters. Polywood Shutters outshine other shutters with their beauty, resilience, and temperature control.

Their clean, elegant lines and exact build to your window give you light control and beauty. Since they’re available in numerous colors and finishes, they can coordinate with any style of room. And no matter how strongly the sunlight comes down on them, they will never fade, warp, or crack. They’re also heat-resistant and moisture-resistant and are accompanied by one of the most comprehensive shutter warranties in Boynton Beach.

And when it comes to energy efficiency, their unique weatherstripping system reduces nearly half of all energy that passed through your window, saving you money on your utility bills. Polywood Shutters are completely made in the US, using eco-friendly materials and processes. If you want a shutter that will make a smaller wallet impact, take a look at our builder-grade Studio Shutters.

Warm Up Your Room With Wood Shutters In Boynton Beach

Natural wood shutters like Ovation® wood shutters in Boynton Beach bring a warm look and depth to any house. Built out of sturdy, furniture-grade teak, Ovation shutters are an eye-catching window treatment built to perfectly fit your windows. Customizable with 28 stains, Ovation wood shutters can complement any style in your house so you get exactly the look you want.

For an even more natural wood shutter, we also make reclaimed wood shutters which use repurposed wood from several different sources. Every shutter is individual and has random knots, wood grains, and textures to make it not just a beautiful window covering, but also a unique accessory for any space.

The Easiest Way To Get Custom Shutters in Boynton Beach

When you invest in a home design project, you understandably want the work done to be customized for your house, both style-wise and functionality-wise. With Sunburst Shutters Fort Lauderdale, getting completely custom shutters in Boynton Beach has never been easier. With our four step process, your new custom shutters are a few days away.

  1. Schedule a complimentary in-home consultation with Sunburst by calling 561-440-8535 or using our online consultation form.

  2. One of our window treatment professionals will bring shutter samples straight to your door, and get exact measurements of your windows.

  3. Talk about your shutter options with your consultant, pick what you want, and finalize your order.

  4. Later, our installers will put in your gorgeous new shutters, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Simple, right? It’s a home design experience you won’t find anywhere else: completed at your speed, on your schedule, and with professionals with you every step of the way.

Blinds, Shades and More in Boynton Beach!

Sunburst isn’t just Boynton Beach’s local shutter provider. Our window treatment offerings stretch as wide as your windows do, and beyond.


Boynton Beach Blinds

Sunburst’s Polywood Blinds give you the ease and convenience of blinds with the clean looks and strength of Polywood. Offering both basswood and faux wood blind packages, Polywood blinds are a step above your basic metal blinds.

Boynton Beach Shades

With pull-down shades, roller shades, Roman shades, cellular shades and beyond–Sunburst is your source for shades in Boynton Beach. With a wide variety of textures, patterns and colors, you’ll find the right shades for your style and budget with Sunburst.

And that’s only the beginning - go through the Sunburst Design Idea Gallery for more inspiration, no matter if you want shades, blinds, or another window covering in Boynton Beach.

For Boynton Beach Window Treatments, Turn To Sunburst

Don’t let your windows be an afterthought to your home design any longer. With a little help from Sunburst Shutters Fort Lauderdale, you can completely transform the looks and energy efficiency of your space, without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Simply call 561-440-8535 today to talk to one of our window design professionals, and set up your complimentary in-home consultation, so you’ll be able to find the ideal window treatment for any window in your home, no matter the dimensions, unique shape, or room it’s in.