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White Roman shades in a dining room.

When To Put Roman Window Shades In Fort Lauderdale

December 06, 2022

Distinctive Roman shades combine the elegance of drapery with the easy function of window shades. No wonder Fort Lauderdale families enjoy them! But you might be unsure how to use these well-liked window treatments in your residence. Luckily, versatile Roman shades look great in various areas of your house. When you understand how to use them and where they can be placed, you’ll be ready to order your own custom Roman shades.

How Roman Shades Work

Modern Roman shades in a corner of an office.

Roman shades work in a similar fashion as traditional roller shades in Fort Lauderdale. Just extend them downward to conceal your windows, then pull them up to welcome natural light and a sightline outside. You may select between pull-bars or pull-cords to manuever them. You can also come across motorized Roman shades that move up and down with the simple touch of a controller.

The beauty of Roman shades comes from the neat folds that are similar to drapery, offering a distinctive soft feature to your windows. Sold in different fabric options, you may pick the degree of privacy and light management you want. More transparent materials will permit a softer light. Mostly nontransparent products will block most sunlight and keep strangers from seeing into your home.

Where To Put Roman Shades In Your Fort Lauderdale Home

Navy blue Roman shades in a corner of a modernly decorated living room.

You are able to put Roman shades in nearly any space area that you desire. Their straightforward allure lends itself to the majority of decor styles, and it’s not hard to discover them in patterns and colors to suit your preferred style. They’re a cinch to adjust as well, so it’s sensible to place them in spots where you often need to open and close window treatments.

Roman shades are a great substitute for bulky drapes and curtains that look too fussy or are inconvenient to clean. They add to the ambience of parlors and living rooms where you may host company. They bring an air of sophistication but provide command over sunlight and privacy. You can easily manipulate them if the sun shines in people’s faces or for privacy as your company lingers to talk around the dinner table for hours on end.

Roman shades can even bring some allure to bedroom windows. The distinctive folds of their material harmonize nicely with your comfy bedding. They appear quite a bit more luxurious than the builder-grade blinds countless residents install in bedrooms and are a pleasant alternative to curtains. Choose nontransparent Roman window shades in Fort Lauderdale if you wish to put them in a bedroom. The solid covering will block light as you’re sleeping.

When You Should Not Put Up Roman Shades

White Polywood shutters in a corner of a beige dining room.

Roman shades look wonderful in any room, but they may not hold up well when subjected to certain conditions. To illustrate, cloth window shades don’t work well in humid bathrooms. The moisture-heavy setting causes their material to break down in the long run, and soaked fabric attracts mold.

Similarly, your Roman shades are likely to get damaged in a window next to your kitchen sink where they may be sprayed with liquids or food. They may also not withstand for long periods of time in extremely hot environments. If you wish to have eye-catching window treatments in these areas or in warmer conditions, try water-resistant and resilient Polywood® louvered shutters, and set aside your textile Roman shades for somewhere else.

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