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White polywood shutters in a corner with a chair and a cat.

What Are The Top Cat-Proof Window Treatments In Fort Lauderdale?

March 04, 2022

Not many window treatments can survive a fun-loving, mischievous cat. Cats climb and pull down drapes, chew up or bend, and claw at window shades. What’s a cat parent to do?

If you think you’ve exhausted your options for cat-proof window treatments in Fort Lauderdale, consider plantation shutters. Their sturdy materials and construction resist damage from even the most ferocious felines. Here are all the reasons why louvered shutters are the ideal window treatments for cats in Fort Lauderdale.


Your Kitty Can’t Tear Solid Plantation Shutters

White shutters in a corner of a living room 

Every cat loves to bite and claw things. No matter how many scratching posts you offer them, your cat will still attack household things. If that sounds like your furball, you should get some cat-proof window treatments in your Fort Lauderdale home. Both faux-wood shutters and premium hardwood shutters are solid and long-lasting. Your cat can’t shred or bend them. And if your especially destructive feline does leave scratches on a louver, you can have that piece repaired rather than purchasing a completely new window treatment.

Interior Shutters Don’t Sway, Dangle, Or Tangle

White interior shutters in a modern farmhouse living room. 

If you live with cats, you know that they adore batting at anything that hangs down and sways, like blinds and fabric window shades. Even better when they have a pull string to bite and tug on. Then there are long drapery to scale and hide in. Regrettably, your cat’s games can ruin delicate window coverings.

To prevent your cat from turning your window treatments into its personal obstacle course, use interior shutters. Nothing on them dangles or sways when batted at. They simply don’t tempt cats like fabric window treatments and blinds do. Chances are, your cat will ignore them and return to his own toys. Their elegant simplicity makes shutters easy to use and work into your interior design too.

Interior Shutters Let Your Feline See Out The Window

Interior shutters might not seem fun for inquisitive, lively cats, but your kitty will love looking out through the shutter louvers. Open the louvers, and Whiskers can observe the wildlife and cars all day while you have some privacy. If she enjoys sunbathing, adjust the louvers to redirect sunlight toward the floor and keep it out of your face. Or you can open a single shutter panel to let your kitty stretch out on the window sill for a clear view.

Interior Shutters Make Cleaning Easy

Office with white polywood shutters 

Sharing a home with a cat leads to lots of hair all over. Pet hair can be challenging to get off of fabric window treatments. You’ll have a better time cleaning your Fort Lauderdale cat-proof window treatments like interior shutters. They have a smooth, hard finish that only needs to be wiped down with a duster to remove cat hair and dander. And both premium hardwood shutters and faux-wood Polywood® shutters are moisture-resistant, so you won’t ruin the finish if you use a wet rag to clean off more stubborn paw prints.

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