Ways To Improve Your Fort Lauderdale Home for the Holidays

Danielle Micich

With the holidays are in full winter bloom, it's the perfect opportunity to get your Fort Lauderdale home in order for Yuletide guests. Of course, there’s the usual trees lights and present wrapping that needs to be completed before everyone is allowed in. But is your house, itself, ready? Or does it need some updated furniture, lighting fixtures and energy-efficient plantation shutters?

If you think your guests deserve a warm and cozy atmosphere, try a few of these ways to improve your home for the holidays.

Give Your Windows Energy-Efficient Shutters

Holiday table with candles in festive dining room. As you begin decorating your home, you could look around and find that your windows look dull and drab. But if you install plantation shutters over your windows, you give your room a finished touch that also brings out your holiday embellishments. Interior shutters also can effectively block sun glare from sunrise to sunset. They are especially nice in places like the kitchen, so no guest has to make cookies with a blinding sunset hitting them in their eyes.

By improving your Fort Lauderdale home for the holidays with plantation shutters, you get both elegance and energy-efficiency. That’s because when Jack Frost comes around, you can close your shutters to provide an energy-efficient benefit. Plantation shutters are known as the premier window coverings to block air flowing through your windows -- and that keeps the warm temperatures inside and the cold air out.

Of course, if you are looking to pair energy-efficiency with status, you will want to use a faux wood interior shutter, like our Polywood® shutters. Polywood is up to 70% more energy-efficient than hardwood shutters and up to 1600% more energy-efficient than aluminum blinds. You can even cover your unusually shaped windows with Polywood plantation shutters, which means that each window will look stylish while still bringing energy-efficiency. 

It’s Time For Updated Furniture In Your Home

Living room with hardwood floors and plantation shutters. 
Once your windows are covered, you should look at what guests will be sitting on. If your furniture pieces are beginning to show their age, the holidays are the perfect time to upgrade. By switching out an old sofa, or adding a few leather chairs by a small side table, you can create an atmosphere that’s perfect for a Christmas card. Plus, your guests will feel happier sitting on something that wasn’t made during the Eisenhower administration. After all, that pack of cards can’t level your couch forever. 

Add Decorations To Every Room In The House

Traditional bedroom with Christmas tree.You strung the lights and covered the main rooms in festive embellishments. But there’s nothing better for your family than waking up to a tiny piece of holiday magic in their bedroom. And a bit of mistletoe in the kitchen can raise your spirits when you’re fussing about getting everything in the oven.

Decorations shouldn’t be overblown, and you shouldn’t think that you need to fill the house withsix to seven fully decorated trees. But a slight bit sprinkled about can raise your holiday spirit.

Improve Your Fort Lauderdale House For The Holidays By Redoing Ineffective Lighting Fixtures

Making sure that your lighting fixture is right for your needs should be on your holiday wish list.

New chairs, decorations, and energy-efficient window treatments are nice, but it may not matter if they are sitting in the dark. Improving your home for the holidays should include switching out ineffective lighting fixtures. Your floor lamp might seem fine when it’s just you and your immediate family, but when people come over, you’ll want plenty of better lighting.

Most lamps and chandeliers are simple to put up and can transform an area. Lights can fix room shadows that make the room seem smaller. If a an updated light isn’t in the cards, just make sure the ones you have are full of new bulbs. And installing a dimmer switch lets you modify the fixtures against your holiday decorations.

Sunburst Will Help Improve Your Home For The Holidays With Energy-Efficient Plantation Shutters

Preparing for friends and family might involve one or two needed improvements to your home. Sunburst Shutters can help you choose the best energy-efficient plantation shutters that will keep your home warm and cozy. All you need to do is send in the form below or call us at 561-440-8535 for a free in-home consultation.