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White Polywood shutters on long windows in a rustic dining room.

The Best Window Treatments For Tall Windows In Fort Lauderdale

April 15, 2022

Some windows are easier to cover than others. Window treatments for tall windows in Fort Lauderdale should be beautiful and allow you to arrange them to control light and privacy, however tall or narrow they are. If blinds and curtains aren’t working, use plantation shutters. They look impressive on every type of window and are easy to use and clean even on the tallest windows.


Interior Shutters Look Beautiful On Every Type Of Tall Window

Brown and off-white living room with white polywood shutters. 

Not every window treatment looks good on tall windows. Aluminum blinds can look shoddy and curtains can distort the dimensions of the room. Conversely, custom louvered shutters look gorgeous on every shape and size of tall windows. Their louvered panels and frame fit your window’s exact shape so that they don’t hide the look of a special window. Fabricated with hardy materials, these shutters become an impressive architectural detail in the room. And you have the choice between timeless stained hardwood shutters or faux-wood Polywood® shutters in a modern white finish to match your decor.

Louvered Shutters Provide Outstanding Coverage And Insulation For Tall Windows

White and black sleek living room with long white polywood shutters 

Since interior shutters fit your windows exactly, they provide superb coverage and energy efficiency. The frame ensures no cracks and gaps around your window’s perimeter like you see from hanging shades, blinds, and curtains. You especially don’t want cracks on large windows that can let in a lot of drafts or light. Even the louvers on top-notch products like quality Polywood and hardwood shutters close tightly to block more light and outside air than other window treatments on taller windows in Fort Lauderdale do. Polywood shutters also have an insulating system made to lower energy consumption and costs.

Granted, you won’t always keep your window treatments shut all the time. Louvered shutters make it easy to let sunlight in through your windows. Depending on how much sunlight you desire, just tilt open the louvers or pull open the panels. You can request a divider rail that divides the shutter panels into sections on the loftiest windows. Then you can open the highest section for light and leave the bottom closed for privacy.


Louvered Shutters Are More Simple To Clean Compared To Other Window Treatments For Tall Windows In Fort Lauderdale

Long white polywood shutters in a beige and off-white styled living room. 

If you have tall windows, washing your window coverings can be awkward. Nobody enjoys taking down curtains or stretching to reach the top of a long window shade with the vacuum attachment. Interior shutters don’t cause such difficulties. All you need a duster attached to an extendable pole for effortlessly dusting off your shutters’ finish however tall your windows are. If you get thicker grime lower down, simply lightly rub with a damp cloth, so your shutters will gleam again in no time!

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