Home Office Window Treatments In Fort Lauderdale That Work For You

Danielle Micich

If remote work is your new way of life during these unprecedented times, you probably need some guidance in upgrading your Fort Lauderdale home office. A good place to start is your window treatments. Need to see a side by side comparison of the variety of home office window treatments?

Here is a link to our window treatments chart, for window treatments perfect for your home office.
Products like plantation shutters and motorized window shades are sensible home office window treatments for Fort Lauderdale residents who would like to have a distraction-free and comfortable work setting without sacrificing style. These alternatives are even capable of helping you look more professional during teleconferencing! Here’s how to use these window treatments to your benefit.
Plantation shutters in a home office.

Plantation Shutters: Versatile Home Office Window Treatments In Fort Lauderdale

Working from home is often a challenge, so select home office window treatments in Fort Lauderdale that will make the workday more pleasant. Plantation shutters’ unique design makes them a preferred choice when you want to adjust your workspace's lighting and comfort levels.

A benefit of working remotely is that you have total control over the temperature. Even so, you aren’t looking to increase your energy expenses by running the HVAC every hour of the day. Insulating Polywood shutters will make a difference. During warmer months, shut your plantation shutters to reduce the interior temperature and eliminate the glare on your monitors. During colder months, that insulating ability helps reduce drafts.

Ready to save on electricity or tired of poor lighting? Move the tilt rod on your shutters for natural light that you can redirect from your screen and into other areas that need it. Close the slats back up to remove potential diversions such passing traffic and dog walkers. Or shut your shutters for privacy at night if you need to work late.

If you’re looking for a little more appeal in your home office, the clean lines of Polywood shutters create an elegant design component that dresses up even the most basic of windows. They come in a wide array of versatile colors as well. Whether you choose classic white Polywood shutters or a warm-toned hardwood shutter, your dazzling home office window treatments will have you excited to work from home!

Motorized shades in a home office.

Motorized Window Shades Offer Style And Function for Fort Lauderdale Business People

Like plantation shutters, various types of shades deliver sunlight control and insulating capabilities for your home office. You can use blackout roller shades to eliminate glare from the sun. Eco-friendly cellular shades protect you from chilly drafts and keep warm air in. Transitional shades let you choose between filtered natural light or no light at all.

Window shades also come in various colors, textures, and materials to match your unique taste and create the ideal ambience for your work space. You may enjoy a distinctive option like Roman shades that look great behind you during conference calls or a practical product like roller shades to avoid distractions.

When you figure out the type of window shade you want, explore the motorized version to bring even more convenience to your work area. Motorized window shades function with a remote controller instead of manually. This offers more flexibility for managing the light in your home office.

If the sun changes position and a glare interrupts your attention, you can adjust your shades with the press of a button without moving from your chair. If sunlight is making you look washed out on a conference call, or you realize your office looks too dark online, you can let down or raise up your motorized shades without interrupting the meeting. Your manager and co-workers will be impressed with your professional workspace when you customize your home office window treatments in Fort Lauderdale.

Are You Still Wondering What Window Treatments Is Right For Your Office? We’ve Put Together This Chart To Help Compare All Of Your Choices.

Sunburst window treatment chart sizes.

Get To Work In Your Fort Lauderdale Home Office with Window Treatments From Sunburst Shutters

You will stay focused and productive when your window treatments limit distractions while keeping you comfortable. Speak with the window treatment professionals at Sunburst to make the right choices for your home office. To schedule a complimentary in-home consultation, dial 561-440-8535 or fill out the form below.