8 Ways to Use Reclaimed Wood in Your Fort Lauderdale Home

Danielle Micich

This may be news to you, but reclaimed wood has really caught the fancy of Fort Lauderdale homeowners, who seem to love its natural look and how it spruces up their home décor. It’s proving to be a new way to repurpose weathered wood and, at the same time express your individual style. Reclaimed wood products draw one’s gaze whether you’ve featured it on a wall, your cabinets, or – yes! – your windows. Want some suggestions on using reclaimed wood successfully? We have 8 top-notch ideas for you – every one of them applied to wonderful effect in Fort Lauderdale homes.

1. Windows of Reclaimed Wood

For the first time ever, you can easily own reclaimed wood as a window treatment. Sunburst Shutters now offers a plantation shutter formed from reclaimed wood of the finest quality. Actually, Sunburst is the sole company providing reclaimed wood shutters in the Fort Lauderdale area. We found the reclaimed wood you like and used it to engineer a louvered shutter that’s incredibly beautiful and remarkably functional at the same time.

Reclaimed wood shutters above bench

Reclaimed wood can provide a truly exceptional window treatment. It helps, of course, when your reclaimed wood shutters are themselves masterpieces. And Sunburst makes sure they are. You’ll appreciate their smooth, simple operation as well as their appearance. Tilt the louvers open to brighten up the room’s interior. And tilt them closed to more fully appreciate the weathered look of reclaimed wood on your window. Don’t rely only on our word for it, though. There’s a whole world more to learn about reclaimed wood for windows in Fort Lauderdale. Be adventurous!

2. Reclaimed Wood and Walls

Nothing brings the outside in as beautifully as a reclaimed wood wall. Reclaimed wood paneling makes your wall distinctive and imparts a comforting atmosphere to the room. Whether you have a fireplace, artwork, TV, or bookcase to complement, a reclaimed wood wall will look incredible behind it and provide precisely the effect you you desire.

3. Reclaimed Wood for Your Floor

Want to redo a floor in your house? Lots of wood flooring can make a room feel warmer, but flooring of reclaimed wood has a unique beauty that reveals the time – often decades – the wood has been outside. Whether you’re partial to being outside in nature or merely one who likes the look and feel of weathered wood, you’ll be blown over by what a reclaimed wood floor can do to enhance your home.

4. Use Reclaimed Wood in Cabinets

What better excuse could present itself to re-do your kitchen cabinets now that better-quality reclaimed wood is so popular and easily accessible? It’s the natural way to revitalize your kitchen as a whole. Each panel of reclaimed wood tells a fascinating story – of considerable time [[spent in an old building, for example, or as part of a barn or fence. And something of that narrative will endure in your reclaimed wood cabinets, crossing your mind whenever you see them.

5. Reclaimed Wood as a Table

Tabletops fashioned out of reclaimed wood can add a modern, assuredly unique ambiance to your dining room or home office. Partner the subtle, natural hues of reclaimed wood with your décor for a harmonious look that fulfills your expectations – at the same time it elicits praise from guests!

6. Bookcases of Reclaimed Wood

Never mind what other things we might think about them, books make wonderful decorative pieces. Place a book or selection of books on a coffee table or end table, on a bookshelf, or in a big bookcase, and they’ll surely capture the attention of guests. Their delightful variety is both highlighted and unified in bookcases of genuine wood, too. And bookcases of reclaimed wood, because of their natural colors, knots, holes, scratches, and other telling features, create an especially eye-filling, one-of-a-kind furnishing.

7. Pics “Pop” in Frames of Reclaimed Wood

The soft-hued, natural look of reclaimed wood is wonderfully apt for picture frames. Use it to showcase your favorite artwork and most cherished photos in a decidedly eye-catching manner. Note as well that frames of reclaimed wood can be constructed in a multitude of styles, so they’ll harmonize with just about any look you’ve established for your home.

8. Redo Your Headboard in Reclaimed Wood

Few things can upgrade the appearance of a bedroom like a intelligently designed and constructed headboard.

It’s a tossup today as to whether homeowners have their headboard fastened in some way to the bed or fixed to the wall behind the bed. However you want it, a headboard created using reclaimed wood planking can be extraordinarily breathtaking. It’s natural coloring and weathered features make it well suited to a diverse number of styles, from antique to modern. With reclaimed wood, your design sense can definitely run free, making it possible for you to realize the headboard of your dreams!

Let Reclaimed Wood Revitalize Your Design Sense

Our goal was to inspire you with these 8 ideas for making use of reclaimed wood. That said, we have a great many more ideas – ideas that pair exquisitely with the reclaimed wood shutters we alone offer in Fort Lauderdale. Our experts would be pleased to show you samples of our shutters, answer your questions, and provide you with many other design ideas. Contact us at 561-440-8535 to set up your free in-home design consultation at your first opportunity!