5 Decisions To Make When Ordering Plantation Shutters In Fort Lauderdale

Danielle Micich

Purchasing plantation shutters for your Fort Lauderdale residence is an important investment. You’ll want to look for value in beauty, functionality, and energy savings. But before you launch your search, there are a handful of things to keep in mind about window shutters. Read about these 5 decisions you’ll have to make when ordering plantation shutters in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Plantation Shutters Louver Size

Louvers are the horizontal parts of a shutter panel that cover the window and tilt to bring in the desired amount of view and light. Plantation shutters are custom made with three main louver sizes. 4.5” is the widest of louver sizes. It’s the preferred louver size in the Fort Lauderdale area because it provides the most view and light - and it’s the easiest to clean.

Louvers at 3.5” and 2.5” of width lead to more louvers in a shutter panel. These plantation shutters have a smaller viewing area and are more of a hassle to dust. Louver sizes are a key consideration when ordering window shutters.


Plantation Shutters Frame Style

Plantation shutters are installed on a window using a frame. The shutter frame that borders the panel adds another custom option. Some frames are a better fit based on the kind of window you have. Take a look at the selection of frame styles offered.

 Shutter Frame CraftsmanShutter Frame ZShutter Frame LShutter Frame Casing

Ask your shutter professional about the frame styles provided in Fort Lauderdale - and find out if an inside or outside mount is best for your window.

Plantation Shutters Tilt Rod

The tilt rod is the vertical part that allows you to tilt the louvers as one. One of your choices is a front mount tilt bar for the shutters. This traditional tilt rod can be seen on the front of the shutter panel. To adjust the louvers, you have to adjust the tilt rod itself. 

Tips For Finding Plantation Shutters In Fort Lauderdale, FL 
Another option is a rear mount tilt rod. This is where the tilt rod is located on the shutter panel facing the window. It’s hidden when you close the shutters. And you can tilt the shutters by moving a louver and all the others move as well. Keep in mind that the tilt rod can be spotted on the side when when you have the louvers open. This tilt rod option can often make the shutter louvers seem like large blinds.

Plantation Shutters Materials

What the shutter is composed of has a great effect on the energy savings you can expect and the color options available. Sunburst Shutters Fort Lauderdale presents you with these exceptional plantation shutter lines in Fort Lauderdale to consider:

  • Polywood® shutters: made from a patented wood synthetic that won’t split, insulates 70% better than the comparable wood shutter, comes in 3 premium white paints that won’t lose their color and a custom color-matching program.
  • Ovation® wood shutters: made from 100% Teak, is a better insulator than most window treatments, available in 11 paints and 28 stains.
Watch this clip to find out which interior shutters are built for maximum energy efficiency.

Plantation Shutters Installation

You can install plantation shutters yourself. But we recommend against starting this home improvement project before consulting an expert.
Deciding on the suitable shutter company to mount your new interior shutters is vital to functionals and beautiful window treatments. Watch this recorded design tip on buying plantation shutters in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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